Phone Prank on Youtube

Youtube üzerinden telefon şakası

Now you can make funny phone pranks with our audio recordings from Youtube videos. 1 – Call someone on the phone.2 – While the conversation is in progress…3 – Play the video. *Of course, we recommend that you take action after watching the videos in advance and planning your joke. You benefit from the computer’s … Read more

Phone Prank Easy User Guide

Telefon Şakası

Hello Phone Prank lovers, we explain how to make a phone prank from scratch with step-by-step pictures. Open App Open Phone Prank App: The app opens with the Prank Modes menu. Here all the mods listed from top to bottom are waiting for you. Choose a Joke For example, choose the Worker prank mode: There … Read more

Tactics for Phone Prank

telefon Şakası için taktikler

Fun tactics suggestions for Phone Prank. This section helps you make creative jokes. Make a plan Make a plan before you start the Phone Prank. No, if you say you will make 50 plans, talk to NASA with this intelligence 🙂 Choose one Know who you’re kidding. (For example, don’t joke with the school principal! … Read more

Phone Prank for iPhone

iPhone için Telefon Şakası

You can make prank calls on any device through our website. Making Prank for iPhone is very easy. If you need help, visit the links given below. All you need is a device with an internet connection and audio playback. It could even be a home phone. It’s that simple. Some helpful guides are available … Read more