Tactics for Phone Prank

Fun tactics suggestions for Phone Prank. This section helps you make creative jokes.

Make a plan

Make a plan before you start the Phone Prank. No, if you say you will make 50 plans, talk to NASA with this intelligence 🙂

Choose one

Know who you’re kidding. (For example, don’t joke with the school principal! 🚸😯

Tip: Know where to laugh more. We added many names – relative to the male voice as an ornament? 😂 There is an opportunity, no one uses it. Being too ready dulls the mind 🙂 Be careful ⚠

Switch between modes

(Interstellar wuhuuu) You can choose from 14 modes, surprise your opponent wildly and increase your laugh rate and go crazy having fun. (don’t exaggerate) Everything tastes good 😇

Make a prank call every weekend

Don’t do this every hour of every day. Do not put a tube on our Ferrari and do not abuse it, we will take the application back 😄

Hint: The weekend is special and people want to laugh and have fun, but they won’t tell you. In the past, we used to wait for the schools to be holidays. We were waiting for the weekend to come. Saturday would be a lot of fun. Don’t lose that soul!

Do not play the sounds in order!

Improvise. We have prepared the sounds in order, but be more creative. Enter the conversation suddenly. I can make a mod with one word, your mind will stop. 😂

Test mods first

Find your own style. For example, someone is calling you and it’s just daddy! (For example, if the joker is female, say sister or mother)… Then there is some silence… Then you hang up… ✨💭 Now we are in your mind. Sounds funny?

Hint: Something doesn’t have to be funny to laugh. Visualize the subject in your mind. So that your brain laughs. Otherwise, am I always joking with slang words? Am I going to call this a joke? 😐

The mind makes you laugh more than the mouth… ( Çokuguleru. <- This word was here when we arrived, it is a museum) 😂

Mix and use mods

For example, a prank can be made using the 4 sounds of the Confused mode:
Hello! one.
Hello! 2nd.
Hello! 3.
No answer!

Get inspired by mods

Your inspiration inspires my inspiration… 😯 Mods are ready and be inspired by them to go beyond them.

Is someone pranking you with this app?

If someone tries to joke with you with this app, don’t show it.🙊 Now you are trolling the person who thinks trolling you! Enjoy the double prank. If I don’t tell some of them, they’ll miss the joke…

Ohohoho I can sit and write tactics until morning. You wouldn’t believe I wrote all this in an hour. That’s why my brain is on fire. I ran away…
Tactics are over. Now it’s time for verbal tactics.

Verbal tactics

Verbal tactics are prearranged verbal tactics. You can make new jokes using these ready-made words. You can make your jokes more fun by adding other sounds that are not on the list while using your phone.

Joke with the troll mod

The words to use are:

“Hello there!
Shut up!
Hello yes shut up!
Shut up!

End the conversation.
Or you can keep playing the sounds improvised.

Joke Chat with female voice

The words to use are:

“Hello there
Get a bagel on the way.
Did you forget?
Shame on you!”

Student voice: Sude joke

“Hello there
I am Sude.
Okay okay.

Student voice: Drip prank

“Hello there
drop is you
I’m Merve.
Isn’t this Damla’s phone?
Tell Damla I called…”

Student voice: Thank you joke

“Thank you so much.
I understood, okey.
I have to go.

Verbal tactics for the Phone Prank are also over.

There are also Youtube videos of Phone Pranks. Visit our Youtube channel to watch the tactics in video form.

Tactics for Phone Prank youtube
Youtube channel

If you wish, you can write your own tactics in the comments.

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