Phone Prank Easy User Guide

Hello Phone Prank lovers, we explain how to make a phone prank from scratch with step-by-step pictures.

Open App

Open Phone Prank App:

The app opens with the Prank Modes menu. Here all the mods listed from top to bottom are waiting for you.

Telefon Şakaları
Phone Prank Mods

Choose a Joke

For example, choose the Worker prank mode:

There are more than 10 mods in the joke list. You can choose what you want. Select Worker for now and continue.

Emekçi Şakası
Worker Prank Mode

Volume Up

Increase device volume to 100 percent:

Considering your ear health, increase the volume of your device enough to hear the joke thoroughly. The louder the volume, the better the other party can hear.

sesi artır
Turn up the volume

Important note:

Most phones now have noise reduction. And as it is known, other distant sounds cannot be transmitted to the microphone so that external sounds do not interfere with the call sound. So the sound of the device you are kidding should be very close to the microphone.

Press Menu Key

Press the menu key:

We need to put the application in the background. Press the menu button to put an app in the background. Now, on your phone-tablet devices, press the menu button and let the Prank App wait in the background. And let the device standby screen of the phone open.

Call Someone

Call one of the contacts:

Now we will have a call with Phone Call App to call someone. Find and call a friend from the directory. While the conversation continues…

Telefon arama ekranı
The call continues…

Press Menu Key

Menü tuşuna tekrar basın: Telefon Şakası uygulamasını geri çağırmak için menü düğmesine tekrar basın. Çağrı ekranını arka plana gönderin.

Reopen Phone Prank

Go to Phone Prank App:

Press the menu button to open the app again. Send the call screen to the background.

Arka plan uygulamaları
Running apps…

Play Sounds

The Worker Mode screen is on and now it’s time to play the sounds and have fun… 😂👍

Emekçi Şakası
Worker (Emekçi) Prank Mod

If you need help, you can find detailed information on the Help page.

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