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Transmit audio to other party for Phone Prank.

External sounds cannot be heard during a phone call. The reason for this is to ensure quality conversations during the call. Android OS automatically mutes all sounds playing on the device during a call. So every sound is paused while playing music or watching videos! Here, the sounds played in the Phone Prank application may also not be heard. Thus, only the call sound, that is, the sounds in the microphone, goes to the other party. So is there a solution to this? There are several methods that we discovered.

Use Two Phones

How to make a Phone Prank Using Two Phones?

Two friends can get together and joke on the phone. One phone will be used to make a call and the other phone will be used to play the prank sounds. You make the call. Let your friend play the sounds from the phone prank application.

With Two Phones

Using Headphones

Making a Phone Prank with a microphone-enabled headset.

One phone is enough to transmit the sound. For this method, you need a headset with a microphone. Plug the headset into the phone. Hold one of the earphones close to the microphone in the earphone. The other earpiece must be attached to your ear so that you can hear all the sounds and continue the joke. So you can easily manage the call. * You can also try holding one of the earbuds to the phone’s microphone.

using headphones

Via Youtube

Making Phone Prank on Youtube:

One of the best ways to joke is to joke with Youtube. The audios in the videos in the channel will play automatically as we have preset. Open the video and wait. Call a smurf friend. Play the video when your phone call starts.

Telefon Şakası Youtube kanalı
Phone Prank Youtube


Making Phone Pranks on Our Site:

This method is similar to the previous Youtube method. In this way, it is possible to make prank calls from computers, tablets and any device connected to the internet. The difference from pranking on Youtube is that you can select and play sounds one by one on our site.

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